844 million people lack access to basic water service.

You and your friends can do something about it.

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Every day in the developing world, children die from preventable waterborne diseases, businesses fail, communities perish, and the cycle of poverty continues. Without clean water, there is no hope of flourishing.

From November 5-14, 2018, thousands of college students will fight the water crisis by participating in the 10 Days campaign. For 10 days, we will give up every beverage except water, and then donate the money we save to help provide communities in Rwanda with clean water. No coffee. No soda. No happy hour. Just water. It’s a small sacrifice with a massive impact — and we want you to join us.

Thanks to people like you, we’ve already helped provide clean water to thousands of people in the of Rwanda.

Water Crisis

Many women spend 20 hours per week collecting water, some walking up to 7 miles a day. Diarrhea takes the lives of 2,000 children in Africa every day. Without clean water, there is no hope of escaping the cycle of poverty. Water is the key.


In 1994, Rwanda experienced Africa’s worst genocide in modern times. The country’s population was left impoverished. In certain regions of Rwanda, nearly 50% of residents lack access to clean water.

10 Days Campaign

The 10 Days was started by students at Texas A&M who believed they could help end the global water crisis. 100% of the money raised by the 10 Days is used to fund clean water initiatives in Rwanda.

Living Water International

Living Water International is a Christian 501(c)(3) that serves the world’s thirsty by providing access to clean water and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 1990, LWI has completed more than 16,600 water projects in 21 countries.

Map of Africa highlighting the country of Rwanda

Join the 10 Days campaign and help bring clean water to people in need.

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