NOVEMBER 7-16, 2016

You can drink water to give water.

It's a simple idea. For 10 Days, instead of spending your money on beverages like coffee and soda, use that money to provide clean water to people that don't have it. Every year thousands of us take part. Are you up for the challenge?

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From 11/7 - 11/16, I pledge to give up every beverage but water and donate what I save to providing clean water in Rwanda.

1 in 11 People Don’t Have Access to Clean Drinking Water

That’s about 663 million people

By joining 10 Days, you can make a real, measurable difference in the lives of your neighbors around the world.

Take the Pledge

Every penny you raise goes directly to your neighbors in Ruhango

We donate 100% of the money you raise to dig clean water wells in Ruhango, Rwanda. You can track our progress right here and see the lives your money impacts.

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Save Cash. Improve Your Health. Change Lives.

Setup your page to start raising funds. Join a team and work with friends to top the leaderboard. After it's all said and done you can stay informed about how we're using your money in Rwanda.

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